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Don't Be Fooled By The Cover!

The first ingredient in all pet food needs to be meat. However, the ingredients following should consist of meat as well or at least foods that a dog or cat should be eating. Just because a pet food has meat as the first ingredient, does not make it any healthier if other low quality ingredients make up the majority of the food. Whole grain corn, rice, wheat, and by products should never be in your pets diet or be the main ingredients in a pet food like this brand, Purina Beneful.

There are many other brands out there like Purina, such as Iams, Royal Canin, Science Diet, Blue Buffalo, etc. that try to trick the consumer into purchasing their low quality food through marketing ploys by using phrases such as "Complete and Balanced", "Farm Raised", and "High Quality". The phrase "Complete and Balanced" is false advertising on this particular bag since this is clearly not a complete and balanced pet food. There are other common marketing tactics such as using pictures of meat and vegetables on the front and changing the texture, design, and colors of the bag to appear healthy. Just because the bag looks appealing and healthy doesn't mean the ingredients are, so always read the ingredients list on the back.

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