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Will a raw diet help with my dog's allergies?

Definitely! I specialize in dogs with allergies such as hot spots, fur loss, excessive itching, biting paws, digestion issues, and other forms of inflammation.


Can my 3 pound, adult dog eat a raw diet? 

Yes, a raw diet is fit for all sizes.


When can my puppy transition to raw?

Once they are done weaning from their mothers or not on formula (if the puppy has lost its mother).


Can I switch my senior dog over to raw?

Yes, you can switch a dog over to raw at any age. More factors may apply such as health-related issues. Message me if your senior dog has specific health problems.

Does breed matter?

No, a raw diet is meant for all dogs and cats of any breed.

My dog is sensitive to certain food and gets diarrhea, will a raw diet help?

Yes, a raw diet would be more beneficial than a dry kibble diet for food sensitivities and digestive upset.


Can my dog eat half raw and half kibble?

I don’t recommend combining raw and kibble in the same meal, especially in the beginning stages of introducing raw meats. However, you can feed a balanced raw meal in the morning and kibble at night, for example.


Can I feed once a day?

You can if it fits your schedule, but feeding twice a day is recommended to avoid “hunger pukes”, which is bile from an empty stomach, that some dogs can have.


Is pre-made raw better than a homemade raw diet?

A balanced homemade raw diet is best because you know exactly what’s going into your dog's meals. There are fewer fillers that your dog doesn’t need as well. Making raw food at home is also significantly cheaper than pre-made raw diets. 

Will a raw diet help my dogs tartar build-up on their teeth?

Yes! Specific raw meaty bones (RMB’s) clean a dog's teeth. A common myth is that kibble cleans teeth because it’s hard, but it does not and in fact, causes tartar build-up and tooth decay. Genetics also plays a role in oral health. 


Custom Raw Meal Plan FAQ:


Do I need to purchase the supplement recipes if I buy I meal plan?

No, the supplements are included in the meal plan.


If I buy the puppy meal plan, will I need the adult plan later? 

No, once you purchase the puppy meal plan, it transitions your dog into the adult phase of feeding.


Do you make custom raw meal plans for people that live in other countries?

Yes, I have made meal plans for people that live in Australia, Canada, England, Russia, and so on.

What’s included in the meal plans?

See each meal plans description for details.


How much does a meal cost per day or month? 

See my recent blog post for the average cost of raw feeding and tips on how to reduce the cost.

Does the meal plan include the meat? No, this is a one-time purchase only that guides you through the entire process of feeding raw at home specifically for your pets. Please read the descriptions of the meal plan for more information on what the meal plans include.

Frequently Asked Questions

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