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Kibble + Raw Goat Milk for Dogs and Cats

Raw goat milk is a digestive aid filled with probiotics that can help both kibble and raw fed dogs and cats with:

• Malnourishment

• Pets on antibiotics (always feed a probiotic when given antibiotics to maintain a healthy gut)

• Puppies and kittens weaning from their mothers

• Transitioning from kibble to raw

• Improved digestion (more information on this in the blog)

• Allergies/inflammation in some dogs

I have been feeding raw goat milk since 2015, when I sold this product during the time I co-owned a pet food company. I fed it to my foster dog during this time, and that is when I realized how amazing raw goat milk is. My foster dog had constant diarrhea for almost a week after I brought her home from the shelter. I tried a few different methods to help her digestive upset, but nothing worked. I gave her some Primal raw goat milk at night, and the next morning her stool was firm! Since then, I have always kept raw goat milk cubes in my freezer if a dog in my care has diarrhea.

I became a huge advocate for raw goat milk once I saw it help digestive upset quickly and allergies with a few other dogs. The Primal raw goat milk would "fly off the shelves." So many people loved it because it works and it's healthy! Six years later, I still see the benefits, whether it's with client dogs, my dogs, or other pets on social media that have also discovered raw goat milk.

Primal Pet Foods, Boss Dog, and Answer’s are a few brands that sell this. Each website has a store locator. The feeding directions are on the labels for your pets size.

Click here for nutrient information, the difference between cow and goat milk, pasteurization, a home-made recipe, and more.

Please read the entire blog post if you have any questions.


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