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  • Kelsey Hansen

Kibble + Water for Dogs and Cats

My “Kibble +” series will include simple, easy, and affordable recommendations on how to improve your pet's kibble diet. I’m starting with water because everyone can add this to their dog or cat's dry food.

Soaking your pet's kibble in water helps increase:

- Nutrient absorption

- Digestion

- Hydration

Felines significantly benefit from adding moisture into their diet. “Cats eating dry food don’t drink enough water, and this increases the risk of chronic kidney disease (CKD) and lower urinary tract diseases, such as feline interstitial cystitis (FIC) and urolithiasis. Feeding canned foods maintains better hydration and promotes dilute urine, reducing the risk of these diseases” (1, 2, 3). I have recommended canned and raw food for felines since the beginning of my career for the reasons mentioned above; it's one topic I do push for feline owners. Adding canned food into their diet a few times a week, along with water in their kibble, is another option if canned or raw food daily isn't feasible.

Soak your pet's food in water for 5-10 minutes before feeding for optimal results and prevent bloat. This is a small change but makes a big difference.

Visit this page for more detailed Pet Nutrition Consultation services for kibble diets.

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