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Pet Nutrition Consultations

Learn how to improve your pets current diet


Custom Meal Plans

Learn how to feed your pet home-made raw or cooked food

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Recipe Analysis

Find out what nutrients are missing in your pets raw diet.

 Kelsey Hansen, BSc, Cert. CAN, ACN  is a highly qualified and experienced professional in the field of companion animal nutrition. With a Bachelor of Science degree, as well as nine certifications in pet nutrition, Kelsey has dedicated her career to studying and researching the best practices in pet food and nutrition.


Having completed a master's degree program in Animal Science specializing in Companion Animal Nutrition from the University of Illinois, Kelsey's expertise is backed by solid academic knowledge and practical experience. Her background includes co-owning a pet nutrition company in Texas and conducting extensive research on various types of pet food over the past decade.


Kelsey's commitment to staying informed and up-to-date on the latest developments in pet nutrition is evident through her continuous learning from college-level textbooks, peer-reviewed articles, and specialized courses. She has also engaged with industry professionals, veterinarians, and other accredited pet nutritionists to exchange ideas and gain insights into the best practices in companion animal nutrition.



Meet Kelsey 

Through her vast experience and knowledge, Kelsey has been able to assist thousands of pet owners in addressing their pets' diet-related health issues with scientifically-backed nutrition solutions. Her dedication to researching ingredients, understanding sourcing practices, and evaluating the quality of pet foods showcases her commitment to helping pet owners make informed decisions about their pets' diets.


Kelsey's holistic approach to pet nutrition, which involves examining all aspects of the industry and separating fact from fiction, allows her to provide valuable guidance and recommendations to pet owners seeking healthy and nutritious food options for their beloved companions.


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