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   Kelsey, B.S., Cert. C.N., has multiple certifications in pet nutrition through reputable institutes across the globe. She has done extensive research into kibble, canned, freeze-dried, and raw food for eight years. She Co-Owned a pet nutrition company in Texas for several years while she was in college, studying pet nutrition during that time. She also gained knowledge about pet nutrition from school textbooks, peer reviewed articles, and pet and human nutrition courses. Through these experiences, she has helped thousands of pet owners with their pets food related health issues through proper nutrition.


    She has researched every ingredient in 1-5 star foods and researched where those ingredients are sourced from. She has gone to pet food manufacturing and distribution centers, talked to pet food representatives from low to high quality foods, discussed pet health with veterinarians, and continues to exchange ideas with other knowledgeable raw feeders. She has learned what foods work, and which ones do not, by listening and talking to pet owners with severe health issues from her experience of owning a pet nutrition company. Kelsey looks into all sides of pet nutrition, the good and the bad information, so she can help pet owners in the best way possible to find healthy pet food solutions for their pets.

Kelsey has three Belgian Malinois dogs that are very active. They love going to the beach, hiking, camping, and participating in dog sports and training. Living a healthy lifestyle is a priority in her dogs lives and her own. 

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