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Gelatin-Beetroot Gummy Bear Treats for Dogs


3 packets of pure gelatine

1/2 tablespoon organic beetroot powder

2 cups of water

❌ No sugar or food dye added


1. Pour water into a pot and bring to a boil.

2. Remove from heat and whisk in the gelatin for several minutes until dissolved.

3. Let cool and mix the beetroot powder.

4. Pour into silicone molds.

5. Refrigerate until it is in a bouncy gel form.

Gelatine, or gelatin, is a “pure protein made from animal raw materials that contain collagen. Gelatine is composed of 84-90% protein and 1-2 % mineral salts. The rest is made up of water. Hence, gelatine is zero carbs and zero fat. Moreover, gelatine contains neither preservatives nor other additives” (MMIngedients).

While I would like to see more studies done on gelatin, Keith Baar’s study at the Functional Molecular Biology Laboratory at the UC Davis College of Biological Sciences suggests that consuming a gelatin supplement can help build ligaments, tendons, and bones (American Journal of Clinical Nutrition).

Beetroot and gelatin combined as a supplement offer several health benefits. Beetroot appears to be a beneficial dietary source of health-promoting agents based on available data. The antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and vascular-protective effects of beetroot have been demonstrated by several human and animal studies. “In the human studies to date, beetroot supplementation has been reported to reduce blood pressure, attenuate inflammation, avert oxidative stress, preserve endothelial function, and in some studies, enhance athletic performance” (The Potential Benefits of Red Beetroot Supplementation in Health and Disease).

Avoid feeding beet or beetroot powder if your dog is prone to or has urinary or kidney stone issues. Omit beetroot and feed pure gelatine or bone broth instead. This is meant to as a fun treat but can be fed a few days a week.

Feed 1.5 tbsp per 50 pounds.


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