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The Truth About Pet Cancer 5 Part Mini Series

I have read Dr. Karen Becker's articles on pet nutrition for many years and I admire Rodney Habib's dedication on educating pet parents on proper pet food. Together they created this documentary on pet cancer along with Ty Bollinger, who created a documentary on human cancer. This documentary not only discusses all aspects of pet cancer and prevention, but the importance of pet nutrition and the role it plays in preventing disease as well. These 5 educational vidoes reflect my views on pet nutrition, over- vaccination, environmental toxins, spaying and neutering, and veterinary education in regard to pet nutrition.

If you would like to view this 5 part mini series, click the picture above or click the link below. I could not be happier and more excited about information on pet nutrition and the prevention of pet cancer reaching pet parents that need it the most!

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