A Pet Nutrition Consultation is meant for pet parents that have questions about their dog or cat's kibble or canned diet. A consultation includes ways to improve or help your pet's diet and needs. This is not meant for those that want to fully feed a raw diet.


A consultation is best suited for, but not limited to:

Wanting to improve your pet's current diet

Picky eaters

Guidance for dietary supplements

Pets with digestive upset (vomiting/diarrhea)


Tartar build up

Dry, flakey skin

Hot spots

Fur loss

Joint pain

Chewing/Licking paws

Weight loss or gain

Other forms of inflammation 


A consultation is not the same as a Custom Raw Meal Plan and does not contain the same information. A Custom Raw Meal Plan is best if you're looking to feed a complete raw diet.


Pet Nutrition Consultation

  • If I don't feel comfortable answering your question for various reasons, I can guide you in the right direction of reliable resources and you will receive a refund. A consultation is not meant to replace medical advice you have recevied from a llicensed veterinarian. 

  • The Consultation is sent through email within 14 business days, Monday-Friday. Email correspondence after the second email is up to the discretion of Karmavore Nutrition.