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This meal plan is for 2 cats, 15 months and older.


This meal plan is based on NRC (National Research Council) guidelines. For those that are not familiar with these guidelines, it includes meat, organ, supplements, and bone or calcium supplement. This is not to be confused with 80/10/10 only guidelines without supplements. These meals are exact calculations of the serving sizes for each ingredient specific to your cat’s weight, age, activity level, any allergies, and health issues.


Custom Raw Meal Plans include:

  • Raw Meal Recipes (1-3 depending on the option you choose)
  • Nutrient breakdown
  • Supplement recipes and serving sizes
  • Boneless recipe options
  • Places to buy the raw food
  • How to prep the food
  • A list of everything you need to prep the meals
  • A transition guide
  • Detox phase information
  • FAQ section
  • Additional tips and benefits of raw food


The meal plans are sent in PDF files to your email.

There is a lot of information online and it is difficult for a first-time raw feeder to sort through all the good and bad information. Incorrect portions of raw can be detrimental to a cat’s health. That is why we are here to guide you through every step accurately. I have been researching pet food for ten years and Co-Owned a pet nutrition company for several years as well, so you came to the right place!

*This plan is a onetime fee, does not include a follow up service, and does not include the actual raw food. The follow up service after you receive the meal plan, if needed, can be found on my services page. For any other questions regarding the meal plan, please read the FAQ section. I do not formulate meals for kidney disease or low protein diets.

Custom Raw Meal Plan For 2 Cats

  • The Custom Raw Meal Plan will be sent to your email address in a PDF file within 14 business days, Monday-Friday. Please take note of this and do not send a separate email asking when the plans will arrive. The plans are always sent on time unless notified otherwise. 

  • There will be no refunds after 24 hours of the product (Custom Raw Meal Plan) being purchased.

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