This service is only for clients that have previously purchased an Adult Meal Plan for dogs or cats. This service is here to reserve your spot on my calendar for a Adult Meal Plan Update if you have any questions or want to make changes to your original meal plan. Example: my pet doesn't like ___ or you can't source a certain ingredient.


Please provide:

  • *Your original order number
  • Your pet(s) name
  • Age 
  • Current weight
  • Activity level
  • Questions not already answered in the Meal Plan or FAQ section
  • Any changes you wish to make to the recipe(s).


*The original order number for the Adult Meal Plan must be provided. If it's not, I won't be able to find your order or prove you already purchased a meal plan. This service provides a one time recipe adjustment. This update option can be used for clients that purchased a meal plan in the past 9 months. 

Adult Meal Plan Update

  • The Adult Meal Plan Update will be sent within 14 business days, Monday- Friday, unless stated otherwise, of reserving your spot.