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Adult Meal Plan Update and Follow Up

This service is only for clients that have previously purchased an Adult Meal Plan for dogs or cats in the past year. This service is here to reserve your spot on my calendar for an Adult Meal Plan Update if you have any questions regarding your meal plan that are not in the FAQ, want to make changes to your original meal plan, or purchase additional recipes. Example: my pet doesn't like ___, or you can't source a particular ingredient.


Please provide:

  • Your original order number
  • Your pet(s) name
  • Age 
  • Current weight
  • Activity level
  • Questions not already answered in the Meal Plan or FAQ section
  • Any changes you wish to make to the recipe(s).


*The original order number for the Adult Meal Plan must be provided. If it's not, I won't be able to find your order or prove you already purchased a meal plan. Each service provides a one-time recipe adjustment. This update option can be used for clients that purchased a meal plan in the past year. 

Adult Meal Plan Update and Follow Up

  • The Adult Meal Plan Update will be sent within 14 business days, Monday- Friday, unless stated otherwise, of reserving your spot. 

Bianca M.

"You've literally changed lives! Human and 4 legged. I got a consult from you a few years back. My girl literally almost died from allergies; you were my last resort. You saved her and in return saved me (financially and emotionally. Your et nutritional advice really makes a difference. My girl is almost 8. This was 4 years ago when I had to change her diet. Thank you for the added years and the clean bill of health over these past years."
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