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Bad For Your Dog

I took a survey at a pet event where I asked 250 people what kind of food and treats they feed their pets. Out of those people, 87% feed either Iams or some variation of Purina. These brands are extremely unhealthy and can cause issues such as the ones listed above, and sometimes even worse health issues such as cancer, seizures, and death. I have seen this thousands of times over the years as many pet owners have come to me because their pet has severe allergies or some illness, generally due to low quality pet food. This is like us humans eating junk food 24/7, it will not keep you healthy and well functioning. For the sake of your pets overall health, please research what is in your pets food. is a great unbiased site that lists 1-5 star ratings on pet food, anything below a 4 star I would not recommend feeding to your pet.


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