• Kelsey Hansen

Pre-Made Raw Brands / Traveling with Raw

I receive a lot of questions about the best pre-made raw brands and how to travel with raw. I chose Primal, Stella and Chewys, Northwest Naturals, and Instinct for my road trip because these were easy to access, train, and travel with. I was also able to find Steve’s Real Food and Small Batch at a local shop where I’m visiting. Instinct isn’t my number one choice, but I use it for training as well as Primal Pronto because they are bite-sized. I usually hand feed my puppy every meal. This can be hard to do with freeze-dried, so that’s why I brought some pre-made raw food to train with.


All of the brands above have freeze-dried options. Freeze-drying is a process where the moisture is taken out of the raw food and retains up to 97% of the nutrients. This makes it easy to travel with because you don’t have to freeze it. All you have to do is add water before feeding.

Pre-made raw brands that meet AAFCO standards

There are more pre-made raw brands to choose from other than the ones mentioned above. Answers detailed formula, Sojos, Bravo, and Darwin’s and are a few other brands. Ziwi Peak is air-dried, but it costs a lot more than others.


I have 2 freezer packs and ice in large Ziplocks in the cooler. I refill the Ziplock bags with ice at hotels. If the raw food has thawed some, I place the raw food in the hotel fridge after I change the temperature to freezing. I brought paper bowls with me because I’m not able to clean the usual non-disposable bowl often while on the road.


Feeding my dog freeze-dried on this trip is a lot more expensive than making my dogs raw meals. This is a helpful tip for traveling and for those looking into raw feeding. I’ve always found homemade raw to be significantly cheaper than pre-made raw and freeze-dried food, especially for medium to large dogs. I recommend investing in a freezer (or borrowing one from a friend) and bring your homemade raw meals with you if the cost is a concern.

After traveling with raw for a few years, I don’t find that it’s much more effort to maintain and feed my dog a healthy diet on the road. How do you travel with raw?