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  • Kelsey Hansen

Are you low on raw pet food or don’t have access to raw meat?

A lot of people are currently struggling to find raw meat for themselves and their pets at grocery stores during this COVID-19 virus. If you are struggling with sourcing raw food for your pet, don’t feel bad if you have to supplement some kibble into their diet temporarily. Kibble brands I recommend are Victor, Farmina, and Nature’s Logic. Try to find the formulas that contain less chicken and lamb if your dog suffers from inflammation.

Feed your pet either raw goat milk daily or a digestive enzyme to help their digestion from raw to kibble. Your pet may or may not have digestive upset, so it’s better to be safe than sorry. If they do have diarrhea, fast them for 24 hours. I recommend Primal Pet Foods, Answers, or Only Natural Pet raw goat milk. NaturVet digestive enzyme can be found here.

Putting water in your pets dry food and letting it soak is also beneficial for digestion, nutrient absorption, and adding moisture to the diet to help prevent acute dehydration.

Feeding kibble one day and a balanced raw meal the next is an example of how to feed kibble and raw at the same time. Feeding kibble in the morning for one meal and raw for the evening meal is fine. Fully switching from raw to kibble during this time is also OK!

The tips mentioned above can be applied to pet owners that currently feed kibble.

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