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Improve Kibble by Adding:

For those that aren’t able to fully feed raw, this is another way to improve your dog’s kibble: add smelt or sardines! 🐟

These fish provide omega-3 fatty acids and other nutrients to your dogs kibble, which they desperately need! Your dogs dry food is depleted of omega-3’s during the high-temperature cooking process. What’s left, is an overabundance of omega-6 fatty acids. This leads to inflammation in your dogs body. Inflammation can be in the form of arthritis, obesity, IBD, red and itchy skin, fur loss, and tumors. Adding omega-3’s back into your dogs dry food can help with the above health issues, as well as helping dogs with seizures, kidney disease, and heart disease (Dr. Barbara Royal, Dr. W. Jean Dodds, Dr. Karen Becker). However, if your dog has chronic inflammation, a raw diet would be the most beneficial for your pets health. Feed a small amount of smelt or sardines in-between your dog’s kibble meals when first introducing these fish. Feed 3-4 days out of the week. I normally don’t recommend feeding a larger quantity of raw and kibble in the same meal. I’ve seen too many dogs over the years have digestive upset. However, these fish are small enough that you can feed with the kibble or between kibble meals. You can either add krill oil as a source of omega-3’s (which I recommend over all fish oils) or add a direct source such as smelt or sardines. I recommend feeding fresh, then frozen, fish. If you decide to feed sardines from a can, instead of frozen, just be sure there are no added ingredients other than water or spring water.

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