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Organ Cubes for Picky Eaters

These organ cubes are made up of beef kidney, apple cider vinegar, and blueberries. A common issue among new and experienced raw feeders is getting their dog to eat the organ in their raw meals. I have one dog that has an issue eating organ as well. He spits it right out! I have tried a few different methods of trying to get my dog to eat organ, but it ended up being very messy and time consuming. So I made organ cubes! My dog eats any organ with no issues now.

I make these by blending up a large amount of beef kidney and a small amount of Apple Cider Vinegar and blueberries to mask the taste, smell, and texture. You don’t want to overpower the amount of kidney that’s in the cubes, so that is why only a small amount of ACV and blueberries go into the blender. Then pour the kidney blend into silicone molds and freeze. The size of the mold and amount poured in is dependent upon your dogs size and needs. If you're not sure how much organ your pet needs in their diet, see my Custom Meal Plans for more information.

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