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Prepping Raw Meals

I prepped 104 pounds of food for my two large dogs. Today I am finishing the meal prep with 60 more pounds! I was able to prep the 104 pounds in exactly 2 hours and this food will last our dogs a few months. It helps to have a steady system down.

Some tips on prepping raw meals efficiently:

1) Buy raw food in bulk (preferably in the same day to prep all at once) 2) Empty the trash and clear the counters 3) Have all necessary items out and ready (bags, containers, scale, knives, and gloves) 4) Have at least one other person included in the prep 5) Prep each ingredient separately and place into a large bowl, then weigh how much you need to feed. For example, if you are prepping pork into 1/2 lb portions: cut ALL of the pork up into cubes or small pieces and put them in a large bowl; put the entire bowl on the scale. Now take pieces of pork out of the bowl until the scale says 1/2 lb and bag it up; you can continue this until the entire bowl is empty. This is so much faster than trying to cut, weigh, and bag each individual 1/2 lb portion. Many people are worried that raw feeding is difficult and time consuming, but it doesn’t have to be! #ThePrimalPet

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