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Average Cost for Feeding Raw Pet Food

I asked 70 raw feeders across the U.S. how much they spend per month feeding their pets raw food. These are the results! I do want to point out that price can vary by location. These are a few tips on lowering costs when purchasing raw meat, bone, organs, and supplements.

1. Make your own home made raw food instead of buying pre-made raw from other companies. Pre-made raw diets are much more expensive than home made raw diets because the supplier increases the price for a higher profit margin.

2. Buy in bulk. It lowers the cost when purchasing more at a time because you often get discounts from the supplier when doing so.

3. Buy locally. This saves on shipping costs and there is less of a price increase when buying from a local butcher or farm, compared to other retailers who also get their meat from a butcher or farm as well.

4. Don't only buy novel proteins unless your pet has an allergy. However, I do not suggest buying mostly raw chicken parts, even though it is the cheapest. Your pet won't obtain the nutrients they need from eating a mostly chicken based diet. Stick to pork or beef instead.

5. Be on the look out for sales and new places to purchase raw food. I personally purchase raw food from a total of 8 places locally and 2 online retailers. I don't have to go to these stores every time I prepare raw meals, but I like to have options to choose from and compare prices.

Note: I took out 2 submissions because they spent dramatically more than any raw feeder I've ever seen, thereby making them anomalies.

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