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Unhealthy Dog Treats

Your dogs need meat, not wheat! Here are some of the unhealthy pet treats that are on the market. There are so many more than just this list, but these are the popular treats that most pet owners buy. These treats contain, but are not limited to: wheat flour, wheat gluten, oats, dyes, rice, sugar, BHA (a preservative linked to cancer), artificial flavoring, etc. The bottom row of treats are ones that are known to be "healthier", yet they contain the same ingredients listed above. These ingredients can cause weight gain and inflammation such as hot spots, red eyes, excessive itching, digestive upset, fur loss, and other life threatening health issues. Do not be fooled by the pretty packaging and words such as "healthy" or "organic". Please read the label and research the ingredients. Your dog does not need or benefit from these treats, they do more harm than good

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