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Two Words: Raw Food

Two words: Raw food. The top picture of Ella's coat was caused by her eating Purina dog food at the shelter for several months. She honestly looked much worse before I took this picture. We thought her skin was scarred over and that her fur would never grow back at one point. The bottom picture is of Ella after being completely on raw food for less than 2 months! She has no more bald spots, eye discharge, diarrhea, or weight loss issues. A lot of people say "I feed my dog Purina and they are happy and healthy". Just because you do not visibly see a health problem on the outside, like Ella, does not mean they are healthy on the inside. She is a great example of how raw food really does improve a dog's overall health. Do you know anyone reluctant to feed raw food or someone that feeds their dog Purina?

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