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This is a great reminder that every dog is different and to never give up! 

 “Sulley has been on his raw diet for almost 9 months and we’re finally seeing some positive returns! 

Sulley has been suffering from a severe skin infection that was initially caused by hypothyroidism (something apparently common in Jindos). This hormone imbalance left my little pup susceptible to a staph infection on his skin. It took almost a year to figure out he first had hypothyroidism then another year to figure out that he has a staph infection then came the expensive year of treatments, tests and medications. The doctor found out that he had a highly resistant strain which left very few antibiotic options. By the time we fought it and had it under control, he had lost so much fur on his back, his tail went bald and he even lost huge patches of fur on his face and chest. 

When we got our meal plan from Kelsey I was hoping to see results right away since so many of their dogs  saw positive result in 2-4 months! I now see how severe the infection and how scarred his skin was. I’m happy to say Sulley’s tail is no longer bald and we’re seeing his black scarred skin getting lighter and starting to heal! Maybe in a few more months he will have a full body of fur again! I’m seeing a huge difference fish this new diet not just in his skin but his energy and health too!

It’s not just his skin but he has so much energy for his age and he’s so much healthier than before."


I just received my raw meal plan! I am so excited to keep learning and start feeding healthy. The meal plan and information was very easy to understand and well written. Great job!!


Do these symptoms sound familiar?

•Rashes on is back and tummy
•Chronic ear infections
•Itchy paws; obsessive licking
•Digestive issues, diarrhea, and gas
•Joint issues
•poor fur quality, dry skin
•bad teeth, bad breath
•stress behavior

Never in our wildest dream did we think kibble was behind all this, causing inflammation and allergies in his body.
This problems led to numerous visits to the vet, expensive tests, "veterinarian recommended kibble" name it.. we tried everything!

...Then we discovered rawfood, and a couple months later our german shepherd never felt better, he is a healthy rawfed dog! We turned our backs to kibble, along with all the problems it caused.. And of course, fewer visits to the vet!
I highly recommend to visit; @pet.nutrition 
For tips, meal plans and inspiration 🌿”


 The Barkside Of Sweden

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“Still a long ways to go, but so proud of our progress so far 😊 

There is so much information out there and a lot of it contradicts with each other, but I've always found
@pet.nutrition and to be a reliable source. They have been my raw inspiration and have helped me tremendously with their advice, tips and recipes 🙏” @pomkoku

 "Our first try at homemade raw feeding! Thank you Kelsey at @pet.nutrition for making this process fun and easy!!" 


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