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“Marcellus Wallace 16 months 86 pounds. I would say, he is thriving on his raw meal plan from you! I’m so happy with his body, coat, and physical ability to work.” 

"Raw is certainly the way to go! One of the best decisions we’ve made was to switch Samantha’s diet from kibble to raw! Thanks to @pet.nutrition for customizing raw meal plans for our baby girl!

Cherry Wegner

"I don't have a before picture so I tried to find something similar to what Nala's teeth used to look like. This is the closest I could find, but her teeth were still quite a bit worse than the picture, as the plaque was more thick and covered almost all of her back teeth. The second picture is how her teeth look now, after having changed her diet less than a month ago and giving her 3 meaty bones since. I'm so amazed at the progress. 
Also, huge shout out to @pet.nutrition because while I didn't talk to them directly, their posts and tips have helped tremendously."


"Now those are some pearly whites! 😎 Raw feeding my has been the greatest thing I have ever done. Thank you. #NeverGoingBack"

“I received the meal plan for Kainah! I’m stoked to get the groceries and get them frozen for a few weeks before starting! I’ll probably get some previously frozen pork shoulder in the meantime to get her started on switching over. Anyway, just wanted to say that you’re a nutrition genius! It’s not my first go at raw feeding, but ordering a plan from you has taken out all the calculating and wondering if I’m giving her the best meat options! (Which I wasn’t before because everything I read previously about raw feeding had chicken as the staple protein 😱. Now I know better, thanks to you! (I’ll also be cutting chicken out of my own diet for the most part ha ha). I’ll be taking progress pictures during the first few months and look forward to leaving a review!

Thanks for the easiest, best option for making the switch to raw food!”


Margaret M.

“They are very happy and excited with their new food. Thank you for helping us get started.” 😃


Connie, Ernie, Teddy, and Ava

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