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"Finally started my raw feeding diet! Beyond grateful for @pet.nutrition for making me recipes for meal preps and teaching me how to properly maintain my raw diet! Thank you for spreading the knowledge we need to keep puppers like me healthy and happy!" 

Melissa and Clyde

Kelsey from @Pet.Nutrition made the meal plans I use for my dogs and the girls love them. She is thorough and helpful and we are beyond happy with everything she has done for us!


"Baby  Groot’s breakfast for this morning! I love how this bowl makes it look like he can eat a whole cow! lol. It’s a slow feeder bowl, to help him enjoy his food often. We have a big time gulper in the family. I love you baby. Big thanks to @pet.nutrition for your guidance."


"Kelsey from @Pet.Nutrition is a phenomenal resource for our furry friend. Whether your dog has allergies, skin problems, or just overweight, this young lady can help you help your dog. If you aren't already following her on social media, now is a good time to do so."



“Dude like seriously. You guys my boy has always been the pickiest eater. He so SO tall and lean that he can't afford to be! He is normally around 80 pounds but he lost some weight after I had the baby. He was having a hard time adjusting to me not taking him out with me to work all day every day and giving him all my attention. That's another story... but NOW. Only one month into raw feeding and let me tell ya! This boy has transformed into an Italian Stallion Lion Moose Muscular Greek God of the Dogs! My gosh! Look at his chest! It was literally suddenly like an overnight transformation after a few weeks of his new diet I can't believe it. FINALLY he loves his food and will eat it all right away (9/10 times lol). And FINALLY he has the body he was always meant to have! What a handsome shmandsome. It's doing wonders for Rosie too. She has the opposite problem of being prone to pleasant plumpness so it's really helping lean her out! 👍🏼 @pet.nutrition is who we went to for or custom raw meal plans. Get at them y'all! 😍🙌🏼” 


"I have no regrets going RAW!

 One of the best things my parents decided on. Thanks @pet.nutrition for my custom raw meal plan ❤️" 


"Meal prep done for the week!!! My loving boxer that passed away about three months ago secondary to IBS turned canine lymphoma inspired me to investigate. He was only 8. He was totally healthy. If you looked up half the things esp treats you are giving to your dog and type in "recall" after it, your mouth will drop to the floor. We're poisoning our pets and we don't even know it. You have to be responsible and educate yourself. I got my customized raw feeding plan from @pet.nutrition . I needed help because I am new to this but she answers all my questions as I go. 🐶🐶😍 It's honestly not that expensive.” 



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