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Pet Nutrition Consultations

Learn how to improve your pets current diet


Custom Meal Plans

Learn how to feed your pet home-made raw or cooked food

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Recipe Analysis

Find out what nutrients are missing in your pets raw diet.

  Kelsey, BSc, Cert. CAN, ACN has nine certifications in companion animal (pet) nutrition through universities and reputable pet nutritionist professionals. Kelsey has completed a master’s degree program studying Animal Science specializing in Companion Animal Nutrition at the University of Illinois. She co-owned a pet nutrition company in Texas for several years while in college, studying companion animal nutrition during that time. She has extensively researched kibble, canned, freeze-dried, and raw food for ten years. She studied the science of pet nutrition from college-level textbooks, peer-reviewed articles, and companion animal nutrition college courses. Through these experiences, she has helped thousands of pet owners with their pets’ diet-related health issues through scientific-based nutrition.

  Kelsey has researched ingredients in 1–5-star foods and where those ingredients are sourced from. She has gone to pet food manufacturing, and distribution centers talked to pet food representatives from low to high-quality foods, discussed pet health with veterinarians, and exchanged ideas with other accredited pet nutritionists and professors. She has learned which foods work and which do not by listening and talking to pet owners with severe health issues from her experience of owning a pet nutrition company. Kelsey investigates all sides of pet nutrition, the good and the bad information, so she can help pet owners find healthy pet food solutions for their pets in the best way possible.



Meet Kelsey 

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