Apple Cider Vinegar for Pets

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) is made from “apple cider that has undergone fermentation to form health-promoting probiotics and enzymes” (Dr. Axe). Make sure you look for these 3 key words when buying ACV: 1. Organic 2. Unpasteurized 3. Unfiltered I prefer to use the brand, Bragg, because it meets this criteria. ACV needs to be a brown/orange color, not clear. The Benefits of ACV are : ▪️Relieves inflammation such as hot spots, yeast infections, itchy skin, and other allergy symptoms ▪️Improves gut health (diarrhea, IBD) ▪️Helps remove tear stains ▪️Repels fleas when added topically ▪️Improves symptoms of diabetes ​ Feed: 1 teaspoon per 20 pounds of dog. Many dogs don’t like t