Leafy Green Supplement

This is a leafy green blend I threw together with left over items I had in my fridge and freezer. This recipe can be used to meet the vegetable intake dog’s can benefit from in a raw or kibble diet. Serving amount: 1/2 tablespoon per 10 pounds of dog. Benefits: provides your dog with vitamins and minerals such as: magnesium, manganese, potassium, Vitamin A, C, and K. This blend won’t meet all of your dogs vitamin and mineral needs mentioned above. This can help with yeasty ears and skin, digestion (fiber), and inflammation of other areas of the body. Another benefit is boosted energy. Ingredients (organic is always best) : • 8 oz spinach • 8 oz mixed greens • 1/8 cup spirulina • 4 tablespo

Nutrients and Benefits of Eggs for Dogs and Cats

Benefits of Feeding Eggs Eggs are a great addition to your pets raw or kibble meals. As shown in both graphics, eggs contain many beneficial nutrients. Eggs not only add vitamins, minerals, and protein, they also help improve your pets coat and skin. "Duck eggs are an Alkaline producing food, which is a great benefit to cancer patients as cancer cells do not thrive in an alkaline environment. Chicken eggs are an acid food leaving a dogs body more acidic" (Nutrition Data). The "Salmonella Worry" Kevin Keener, a food process engineer at Purdue University, said; "On average one out of every 20,000 chicken eggs contains a small amount of salmonella that is deposited into the sac by the hen." Th