Dental Health Tips

February is National Pet Dental Health Month! Here are a few tips on how to keep your pets teeth clean. A common misconception is that kibble cleans a dog’s teeth, but kibble increases tartar build up more than any other pet food. Whether your dog eats kibble or raw food, feeding them a raw meaty bone such as duck neck, turkey neck, or duck feet can significantly improve your dogs oral health and reduce tartar build up. I recommend these 3 bones in particular because they are easy to chew and digest for both kibble and raw fed dogs. There are other methods to cleaning a dog’s teeth such as using a human toothbrush or putting a powdered substance into your dogs water bowl. However, I per

How to Travel with Raw Pet Food

There are many different ways people can travel with raw food. For example, using a reliable cooler, bringing dry ice, feeding freeze-dried raw food, and so on. This is my experience with feeding my dog raw food while traveling. What we brought with us: Raw meals in Ziploc bags A regular cooler with just ice and 3 raw meals in it A Yeti cooler with 9 (2.5 pound) raw meals Paper plates Gloves Cleaning spray Paper towels Ice: I originally planned on bringing dry ice with us, but we were in too much of a rush most days to stop and find some. We were on the road constantly, driving close to 4500 miles. We would refill and replace the ice we had with the ice machine at our hotels. I always put ic